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Simple & Reliable Weld Cleaning

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EASYkleen. Leaders in stainless steel weld cleaning machines.

Every fabricator knows that the post weld finishing part of the job is not the most desirable, yet at times can be as much as a third of total labour cost for any given job. Whether it’s using labour intensive abrasives to clean and remove the weld discolouration, or hazardous pickling paste to passivate the weld to restore the corrosion resistant properties that stainless steel is well known for, both of these methods have their downsides.

By using an EASYkleen weld cleaner, these two processes, cleaning and passivating, are merged into one simple process that is faster, safer, and superior than the alternative methods.

Product rangeHow it works
Bracket - Before cleaning Bracket - After cleaning
EASYkleen Weld Cleaning Machines
EASYkleen feature 1 fast


Highest Powered Machines & Largest Brush Electrodes.

EASYkleen feature 2 safe


Water Based Chemicals & Less Labour Intensive.

EASYkleen feature 3 reliable


100% Duty Cycle & 10-year internal parts warranty.

EASYkleen feature 4 resistant


Cleans & Passivates in one simple process.

Industrial Applications

EASYkleen weld clean for Industrial

Mining &

With robust and powerful machines, EASYkleen weld cleaners are the preferred choice in these industries due to their reliability, high output power and corrosion resistant benefits, particularly in coastal environments.

EASYkleen weld clean for catering

Catering &

EASYkleen’s range of brush electrodes and chemicals are used extensively to suit different material finishes and weld geometries. With primarily sheet metal being used, even our smaller machines easily perform to expectations.

EASYkleen weld clean for marine

& Marine

These two industries require the highest possible corrosion resistant finish and cosmetic appeal. An EASYkleen weld cleaner covers both of these bases whilst at the same time not compromising on speed of clean.

EASYkleen weld clean for food and beverage

Food &

Industries that use a lot of 316 Stainless for its corrosion resistant benefits. It goes without saying that EASYkleen’s weld cleaning machines that use the process of electropolishing are a must to restore the corrosion resistance post welding.

EASYkleen weld clean for medical

Medical &

Such an emphasis is put on material smoothness and the prevention of bacterial growth in the Medical & Nuclear industries which has resulted in EASYkleen weld cleaners being widely used across these industries.

EASYkleen weld clean for architectural and design

& Construction

The vast range of structures fabricated from stainless steel such as balustrades, stairs, tables, sculptures, and so on mean that EASYkleen weld cleaners are commonplace in fabrication shops within these industries due to their ease of use and portability.

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